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A Knote out of Song by FamiliarOddlings A Knote out of Song by FamiliarOddlings
Commission for =ShePaintsWithBlood of her awesome character, Knote Mime.

Gosh, I had so much fun doing this! Such a unique design! I love knotes, they're so magical and majestic and scary! I'm going to do this again soon and maybe learn how to do it properly. I'm afraid I didn't capture Mime's essence at all. :( And I think I left some things out, which might have been important... If you want me to change or add anything, please tell me, Blood! Like the petals on her neck?

Done in pencil in my sketchbook then cleaned up in Photoshop Elements.


Knote Mime (c) :iconshepaintswithblood:
Artwork (c) me, Davina Behin Jones
ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010   Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh yay!!! I /love/ this to death! It is incredible!! I think you did a beautiful job from beginning to end.

I love the little crosses she is whispering and the way you drew and shaded her face is completely perfect. The eyes are wonderful and I love the fur around the top of her head just before she turns black (I feel like most Knotes look like they are wearing masks because of how the fur grows on their heads and I can never capture that well but you did it perfectly!!)

The fuzzy neck looks amazing, so elegant and I love how you shade fur, very flowing and beautiful. I adore how her shoulder and leg muscles came out. I love how you did the hooves too, they are so perfect! The holes in her sides look awesome and I love her ink splashing back and how you included the little music note, what an awesome touch. The way she is floating down on that crazy tiled floor is perfect too.

I think you captured her very well. There is a majesty about her as well as something totally drunken and that is very much the essence of a Knote to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I really love this!!!:blackrose:
FamiliarOddlings Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
I am so overjoyed that you like how it turned out! :glomp: There is nothing better than someone paying you to draw something so cool, except getting wonderful praises afterwards! :D

It was a close call with the eyes -- I almost gave her eyes and then you mentioned in passing she didn't have any! It turned out to be a good thing that I nagged you about the eye marking though it was actually the eyes themselves I should've been asking about, haha.

I love that mask effect the Knotes have and I'm so happy you think I got it here. I adore the design of her pale velvety face.

My brother remarked that the neck on this drawing but also on many of your paintings seem like huge masses of seaweed tangled up without a real center. I think that's a pretty good way of describing it. ^_^ I tried to give the neck fur as much flow as I was capable of giving. The shoulder and leg muscles are my favorite part of this drawing, though also one of the saddest because I feel I missed the mark on how "wildebeest-like" (another term from my brother) her shoulder really is. I'm glad you like the hooves -- I have no idea what horse hooves look like in reality and I relied heavily on photo refs. I wondered if I was being presumptuous with the music note, but once I thought of the idea I couldn't resist it.

There is a majesty ... as well as something totally drunken and that is very much the essence of a Knote.
Yay! :dance:

You're very, very welcome! I loved doing it! :D
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