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Scaramouche Mask by FamiliarOddlings Scaramouche Mask by FamiliarOddlings
For Halloween this year I dressed up as Scaramouche from commedia dell'arte. He's a rather mischievous character that gets beat up a lot. :) (wiki article if you're interested: [link]) I chose him because I love the style of mask that usually goes with him, the long nose and dark coloring. To be fancy, I added some collage after the papier mache process: music notes (Stravinsky heehee) on the forehead and a commedia dell'arte etching (it's actually of a character named Fritellino) on the nose. I also made the little hat out of felt, trying for a Spanish Don look since that's something Scaramouche would do, and it was ridiculously satisfying! I'm gonna make more little hats, they're awesome. I sewed the hat onto a bobby pin so it could stick into my hair.

Another shot of me wearing it: [link]

Process: First, I made a plaster mold of my face (for this project and for further use -- kind of nice having a second face lying around, heh) and then made a papier mache base to which I attached a cardboard nose (made from a paper towel empty roll), mached again, added the collage, and painted it all with acrylics. I wanted the mask to be dark but to have a kind of waxed wood look, so I painted in stages from light reddish brown to almost black. Then I gave the whole thing a finish with Mod Podge, something I've never worked with before but now totally love! I've been thinking up excuses to use it everywhere now, haha. It can be a glue or a finish. Anyway, to make the tie for the mask, I put grommets into each side, again something I've never done before but now find necessary. Grommets are lovely, they make the attachment look so nice and professional. The tie itself is actually black elastic that I sewed in loops through the grommets. Then I glued on the golden trim (which I should've done before sewing the ties on, eh) and then tied on the extravagant black bows. ^_^ Lastly, I made the hat, which was easy and simple and would take longer to explain than to actually do.

I'm sad I'm posting this so long after Halloween happened, but life and stuff got the better of me. :( I'm getting around to writing that journal entry...
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Would you mind me asking how you went about making the plaster mold of your face?:)
ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010   Traditional Artist
Oh wow I just love this! Although, there is really nothing you could make that I would not love I am sure. Anyways, this is gorgeous. I really adore the colour and the way you painted it. It looks like it is made of some fine wood for sure or something but definitely does not look like paper mache. I love the details at the corners of the nostrils and the deep brow. The little hat is so cute too!! I really hope you will make more hats. I have not sewn a hat straight but I like making little tophats from ducktape for myself or tiny clay hats with fabric glued on for my dolls. Well done!:blackrose:
FamiliarOddlings Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010  Professional General Artist
Aw, thank you, Aria! :heart: I'm not so sure of that myself, haha, I've made some pretty lame things here and there. I'm so happy that wood look comes across! The photos don't really show it effectively. The nostrils and the brow were the reasons I wanted to make this mask! (In addition to the nose, of course, haha.) Oh I can see you making all types of awesome little things for your beauties! I would love to see your ducktape tophats! :)

I was thinking of making some more masks like this but smaller for hanging on the wall. Maybe people would buy them? But it would be fun to make them just for fun too. And the little hats.

Thank you again! Your encouragement is so heartening! :hug:
ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010   Traditional Artist
You should make some more and having little ones to hang up would be awesome! I would totally want a few for my wall once I get my own house. Plus, if they were little enough people could put them on their dolls or stuffed animals which would be super fun.

You are so welcome <3 :blackrose:
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