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Solace by FamiliarOddlings Solace by FamiliarOddlings
I hope you find it soon, my friend. :heart: In the meantime, perhaps this quick drawing will lift your spirit just a little. :hug:

Gift/fan art for `ShePaintsWithBlood. Ever since I drew her magical Knote Mime, I have been haunted by her design and wanted to draw her again and do her a bit more justice. I feel somewhat more satisfied this time, but I can tell there will be more in the future. :)

For whatever reason, Mime is silent in this one, not even whispering her crosses.

Drawn in pencil in my little sketchbook, about 5.5 in. x 8 in., then cleaned and slightly tinted with Photoshop.

The brilliant and beautiful Knote Mime (c) :iconshepaintswithblood:
Artwork (c) me, :icondragonbehin:
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leftb4right Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner May 11, 2011   Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh...

I almost burst into tears when I saw this. In a good way.
It is so beautiful it is almost shocking to look at in its beauty. I love every little piece of it from the plants blowing as if they were in water to the lovely clocks and little gears and oh that snail! It is so beautiful and sweet and I love how you seem to have incorporated a gear into its shell. I really love its neck too and I love its face. I truly think a snail would be a great companion for Mime too. What thrills me too is that I cannot decide if it is an unusually large snail or if Mime is very small. I guess I do not really know her size because I have gone back and forth thinking about it. The idea of her being so small is extremely charming to me! I love the shading on Mime herself, it is so soft and beautiful and the muscle definition is just perfect. The perspective on her is stunning and so whimsical and I love the position of her legs. The way her body bends is so pretty and I love the way the hole in her side looks especially. The fur is just gorgeous and I love how delicate you made her face and the horns are so pretty. The little musical notes are adorable! I like that the snail and Mime seem to be carrying on some kind of conversation too.

It looks so relaxing to go and play with them. This truly did lift my spirits. It inspires me so much and makes me want to paint, write, play the piano, anything creative. I just cannot stop looking at it. I feel like this picture has even strengthened my bond with Mime herself.

Everything about this is so storybook and magical yet has a kind of surreal reality about it just like real knotes could have. Thank you so much this truly means everything to me and I will be treasuring it forever.:heart: :blackrose:
FamiliarOddlings Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Professional General Artist
:hug: I'm so glad it worked! It gives me a fuzzy feeling to know it cheered you up. ^_^ I kept trying to think of things you like, "oh yeah, she likes clocks and gears..." Heehee, it was fun. Oooh, I didn't think of the plants being underwater, that's a very neat interpretation. I like it; let's say they are. :D The snail was a random thought I had in the midst of drawing and I couldn't decide for myself either if it was a huge snail or if Mime was tiny, haha. I actually think of her as gigantic in my mind but maybe she can shrink? It is cute to think of her that small! But is equally possible the snail is giant. The gear-shell was an experiment and I wasn't sure if it was clear enough that's what it was... It's a very weird idea, haha. I'm happy you like it and recognized it for what it was. I kind of miss the spiral of a normal shell, though. Next time! Muscle definition intimidates me, especially horse-like muscles, so it's thrilling to hear you approve of how that part came out! I really wanted the hole in her side to be in the picture so I had to bend her body like that to fit it in while keeping the exaggerated shoulder, haha. I was sad when I had to obscure the hole a bit to put on the copyrights. I'm so happy you like her face and the horns! That was the most fun to do! :heart: Mime is beautiful and I felt I didn't capture her delicacy or her might in the previous drawing. Yes, they do seem to be talking, but Mime is not whispering so I wonder what's really going on. I actually thought about giving it the title "Silent Communion."

:glomp: So happy it inspires you and furthers your bond with Mime! :heart: She's a fabulous character and she seems perfect for comfort when you really need it. "Storybook and magical" and "surreal reality" are all phrases I would use to describe your work, Aria. This is completely inspired by your art and your kindness.

Btw, last night I dreamed about my own dear dog that died two years ago. I always feel sad when I wake up after those meetings, but I'm so grateful to have seen her again. She looked good and I know she's doing better than ever where she is now. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I owe you for that dream last night and I thank you. We're all connected in ways we can't always understand and I think it's wonderful the way you share yourself, both through your art and your beautiful comments, here on dA.
ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner May 12, 2011   Traditional Artist
I just keep staring and staring at it! I have it as my background so I can keep staring. I actually totally love the gear shell, I thought that idea was extremely creative and awesome. Well Mime could be huge too I just do not know! Both ideas are quite fun especially because if she was huge then that would mean the snail was huge too. I really think you captured her beautifully in both drawings. I still look at the other one you did quite often as well. I think the first drawing was great for showing how haunting she can be while this one shows a kind of carefree kindness which is also a big part of her. It is like you tapped into who she was and showed it both times.
Yes you are right...I think their's is some kind of silent communication or bonding. The sort a lot of real animals seem to share.

Aww! Thank you so much <3

Oh wow, really?? I am glad to hear she paid you a visit in your dreams but of course I understand it could be melancholy however hearing that she was there makes me happy and makes me think of my own dog being in a much better place safe and happy now.
Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so very much to me.:blackrose:
FamiliarOddlings Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Professional General Artist
As your background?! Gosh, I should send you the bigger file! I'll email it to you now. (I'm using your hotmail address, hope that's okay.) Haha, maybe I should draw gear-shelled snails some more? :D The size issue is greatly entertaining, I almost don't want to decide -- ever. Really? :aww: That's so wonderful to hear -- I felt so inadequate while drawing that first one. Oh yes, that's such a beautiful thought; the silent bond between animals can be the most humbling and touching thing to witness. :heart:

ShePaintsWithBlood Featured By Owner May 17, 2011   Traditional Artist
Sorry for the late reply! I got the larger file so thank you very much! It is so beautiful and nice to be able to stare at it so closely and see all the details!
As soon as I get my laptop working again I hope I can continue using it as a background.:blackrose:
Wolfathart Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FamiliarOddlings Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Professional General Artist
:heart: Thank you.
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